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Get Better Value For Your Renting Time With Improved Packing Tricks

The times we live in at the moment are rather strange, as certain service can be quite overpriced, like the ones provided by moving companies. A great way to save some money while moving is to hire a rental truck or a van, and do the moving yourself, however, in order to save you some time on your rental hours, we  are going to share some very effective packing tricks.

Find a trustworthy renting provider

There are quite a lot of newer companies when it comes to vehicle renting, which might make things a bit challenging for ones who have no experience in renting. You can easily check out the professional truck rental Melbourne from Go With The Gecko if they happen to be in your area, and if they are not, finding someone with similar standards is a good idea.


A lot of people make the mistake of renting the vehicle, and then the start the packing process. Instead, it is the best to pack your items into boxes before you actually rent the vehicle and park it in front of your house.

When it comes to some of your bigger items, like beds, shelves, your television, etc. you can simply move all of them into the hallway or the garage, so you can immediately load them into the vehicle. You should start loading bigger items first anyway, so keeping them close to the exit, will certainly work out.

Trucks are ideal for bigger moves

Get a loading ramp

In case you are renting a truck, you will have an option of hiring one that already has a loading  ramp installed, which will not only help you load bigger items faster, but it will also make things much safer for you and your friends that are helping you load items into the truck.

However, in case you are using the expert van hire Sydney from Go With The Gecko, you should consider renting a portable loading ramp that you can use with the van you are renting. Keep in mind that loading ramps don’t fit vans of all sizes, so if you are renting a smaller van for your move, there is a chance that a loading ramp will not be available.

Label the boxes for easier unpacking

Something that a lot of people forget to do while they are moving, probably because they are in a rush, is to label the boxes before they load them into the truck. If you have disposable boxes, you can simply write some kind of context directly on the box, which will make unpacking much easier, as you will be able to unpack all of the items into a certain room at once.

Boxes are great for moving

Final Word

Following these tips will definitely save you a lot of time while you are renting, making you save even more money while moving. While saving money might be great and all, remember to stay safe, and don’t rush too much, as you do not want to break any of the items accidentally.

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