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Get Ready to Negotiate for a New Car

It is exciting to trade in an old car for a new car. However, you need to be prepared. That means reviewing the selection of cars online and going from there. Make sure that you know the MSRPs of all the cars that interest you.

When you are ready to deal, you can feel confident about the transaction. You just need to know some basic tips to make the purchase go well. Before you enter the doors of the dealership, you will need to get pre-qualified for an auto loan. This makes car buying easier as it gives you the interest rate for the loan and prompts the dealer to beat your rate in financing.

Do You Want Certain Options?

When getting pre-approved, you will need to decide what extras to include. These add-ons might include an extended warranty, anti-theft devices, or a protective coating for the paint. Gather your prices, pre-approved loan offer, and proof of insurance. If you want to trade a car, make sure that you have the car’s title and loan documentation. Also, don’t forget those extra keys.

Getting a Closer Look at the Selection of Cars

Once you get to the dealership, you can take a better look at the new cars for sale in Canberra. You can take a test drive and see each car you like up close and in person. Don’t have your credit checked at this time. The idea is to take a test drive first, not to negotiate a sale. If you don’t like the salesperson, ask to speak to the sales manager and request a new representative. The salesperson should be patient and listen to your concerns.

Check Out the Car on a Rougher Pavement

Try to test drive the car on a route that features rougher pavements, tight corners, or sloping terrains. That way, you can see how smoothly the car drives if tested this way. When negotiating the car’s price, ask the salesperson to give you a price. Counter that offer by offering about $1000 below the suggested market price.

Review the Financial Breakdown

Before you say “yes” to a price, ask for a breakdown of the costs and fees. If you decide to finance the car at the dealership, say “no” to any recommended add-ons that you do not want. Keep the terms of the loan the same when you compare offers. Also, before you sign for the purchase, confirm the numbers in the sales contract. They should match the price that you finally agree on with the dealer.

However, that being said, you are not done just because you’ve reached a deal. You still need to make sure that the financing terms and terms of the contract are correct. This is the most important part of any car buying experience. Keep this is mind when you are completing the paperwork and verifying the financing and price.

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